L.E.A.P. Dynamic Access

LSSiDATA's Enhanced Access Point (LEAP) provides IP connectivity to dynamically access LSSiDATA contact information assets. LEAP provides a text-based interface to submit queries programmatically. Each query is authenticated, routed to the specified data source, retrieval performed, and the results delivered back to the originating application. Redundant data centers, servers, and network paths, provide a high level of system availability even in the event of an outage.

LEAP supports an XML layer, or can be queried using language optimized by LSSiDATA. XML is ideal for more basic queries. LEAP-specific calls and queries add flexibility for more complex requirements.

Data sets on LSSiDATA's LEAP include:

Hosted in LSSiDATA facilities

  • National Directory Assistance Data
  • Canadian Telco Data
  • Historical Data
  • Wireless Data
  • LandLine Plus Data

All other International Telco Data