As of October 14, 2015, LSSiDATA is now part of Neustar bringing customers the latest authoritative identity data solutions. Learn more about Neustar.

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Welcome to LSSiDATA

The most current and accurate source for residential, business, and government
names, addresses and phone numbers with associated detail for Direct Marketing, Credit
& Collections, Contact Centers and more!
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More than 4 out of 10 U.S. households are now wireless only! Find out more about opt-in wireless contact data.

Download the LSSiDATA White Paper: Wireless Contact Data & What to Look For.

Exceptionally Accurate

Algorithms, web-based tools, and automated telephony-based verification applied to residential, business and government contacts make LSSiDATA‘s QUIC (Quality Update Identify & Change) process uniquely capable of delivering accuracy for hundreds of millions of contacts.

Dynamically Current

Daily updates to millions of contacts are enabled via unique LSSiDATA automated tools, processes and dedicated staffing.

Granular classification applied such as New Mover characteristics increase relevance for each contact.

Expansively Covered

Contact information sourced directly from Telco carriers, Wireless, Cable and VoIP Providers, CLECs, and other Self-Reported & Opt-In sources span North America.

LSSiDATA's global presence additionally offers rich contact information for many International Markets.